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Why Guyana

Guyana is one of the great growth opportunities of the decade.


On a global basis, Guyana is rich in natural resources, ranging from its recent discoveries oil and gas reserves, to its exceptional mineral resources, including deposits of gold, diamonds and bauxite.


Exxon’s recent off-shore discoveries, conservatively estimated to be 8 billion barrels (but likely over 50 B--only 7% of offshore blocks explored, 15 of 17 wells finding oil), is the biggest oil play in the Western hemisphere. As a result, Guyana's 'third world' economy (GDP) forecast to rise 86% in 2020, and it will quickly become the richest country in the world on a per capita basis. First production of Guyana’s light, sweet crude began in Dec. 2019 and first 1M barrels transported to Shell in Jan. 2020; oil revenues to Guyana will exceed $10B annually by 2029. No other country in the western hemisphere, perhaps the world, presents an investment opportunity like this.


Guyana is geo-politically strategic.  In addition to world class oil reserves, Guyana links the Caribbean basin to South America with the potential for increased trade through the development of port facilities and upgrades to road networks connecting Brazil with the Caribbean. Additionally, significant natural gas reserves associated with Guyana’s oil discoveries have the potential to greatly impact the South American natural gas markets due to the proximity of significant pipeline networks in northern Brazil.



World class oil production will propel Guyana’s economy for the next 30 years.


Strategic Geography

MHM Holdings Inc. is involved in a diverse set of Infrastructure projects including areas of: Telecom, Security, Transportation, Public Works, Agriculture.

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