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Other Projects

Other projects in which MHM Holdings Inc. is enrolled

MHM Holdings Inc. is in a joint venture agreement with Cave Holdings USA forming CMG Holdings Guyana which jointly own KOGS, a manufacturing, design, fabrication, repair, and maintenance company established in 2019. 

Over 120 acres of land had been acquired with EPA permit for CMG Holdings granted and design completed and company underway to build a world class facility for the oil and gas industry.

MHM Holdings Inc. Is involved in multiple partnerships and collaboration agreements with local and International companies across all sectors of Guyanese economy including Bancroft Financial, Pomeroon Trading, Sharpooji Pallonji Group and many others.


The senior management team has over 50 years industry experience and can also supply a host of other services ranging from downhole tools, inspection services, chemicals, drill bits and fishing tools, utilizing local resources from Guyana where possible.    

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