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Project Partners


Bancroft Financial, LLC

Bancroft Financial is an established investment firm based in Dallas, Texas participating and generating multiple oil and gas as well as real estate and technology deals.


Recently, the team turned its attention to Guyana to capitalize on the investment opportunities created by the unprecedented economic expansion in Guyana. Bancroft will invest directly in projects in the worlds’ fastest growing economy providing a pathway for investors to participate in this unfolding transformation of the economy of Guyana.


Over the next 30 years, over $22 billion (USD) is expected to be invested by oil majors in developing the oil fields 90 miles off-shore of Guyana.  This long-term capital commitment creates a constant stream of growing activity and need for basic services, infrastructure, as well as products and services to service the growing middle class.

Today, Guyana has very little in the way of modern infrastructure. There is a desperate need to modernize banking, services, hospitality, infrastructure, agriculture, housing, and industrial processes to bring the country into the 21st century. Not only is the Guyanese government beginning to have the means to inject financial support, but the USA State department has pledged billions of dollars for infrastructure development.


Bancroft has positioned itself in very targeted projects where the existing team can use its relevant experience and previous successes as well as developing relationships in Guyana to assist in the implementation. We have identified and engaged key advisors to assist us in executing on identified projects.



Mobilise, via Mobilise Consulting is a company that provides 360-degree support for small, medium or large business in the field of mobile and fixed line telecommunications. We support our clients by providing Strategy Consulting, Solutions Design & Management and Software Development services. Mobilise's expertise is particularly focused on the Mobile Virtual Network Operator business model. Mobilise’s value is to bring simple solutions to complex problems.



KOGS for Oil Services Ltd. (KOGS) is a manufacturing, design, fabrication, repair, and maintenance company established in 2019.  The senior management team has over 50 years industry experience and can also supply a host of other services ranging from downhole tools, inspection services, chemicals, drill bits and fishing tools, utilizing local resources from Guyana where possible.

With our local Guyanese partner, we see Guyana as our main global operating hub and will grow with the country and the local people.

The Manufacturing Facility will provide services across a host of industries ranging from oil and gas to automotive, agricultural, municipal, construction, pharmaceutical, mining, and marine services.

Having the capability to manufacture precision parts in-country removes the requirement for items to be imported and the need for equipment to be sent out of the country for repairs – a costly and time-consuming process.

To bring this benefit to Guyana-based clients, KOGS has purchased land in Georgetown and is in the early stages of building its new state-of-the-art facilities.



There is a world of possibilities, and coreNOC is ready to partner with you to utilize innovative technology to offer end to end connectivity solutions. We have assembled a team of leading experts to assist you in reaching untapped markets and emerging markets.

When clients choose coreNoc, they receive visionary customer service, state-of-the-art equipment and the ability to expand their service offering. At coreNOC, we think big and believe there is a better, more affordable way of doing things.

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